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NAAMTA Global Hoist Medical Transport Standard [Amy Arndt]
March 31, 2022 12:19PM

Hoist Medical Transport Accreditation March 2022, we rolled out our new Hoisting accreditation standards at HAI Heli-Expo and wanted to share with you one of our medical standards ...
NAAMTA Medical Transport Standards Rev 2.0

NAAMTA Medical Transport Accreditation Standards Verson 7
Open for Alliance and Public Comment

As part of our continuing mission to promote improved safety and quality patient care throughout the medical transport industry, NAAMTA is excited to announce a public comment period for the proposed draft of the Medical Transport Accreditation standards.

We encourage and invite all medical transport industry personnel to review and comment on these proposed standards. 

Since 2009, NAAMTA has provided medical transport organizations throughout the world with operational safety and quality management standards ensuring the highest quality of patient care in the transport setting.

Following a comprehensive review of current applicable statutes, regulations, and industry best practices, NAAMTA Global has revised Standards pertinent to all aspects of the organization, addressing 18 transport operational areas.

  • Click the manual image to access the standards.
  • Click the NAAMTA Standards Review form image to submit comments for the standards or any supporting information contained within the manual.
  • We welcome your comments and feedback. 
  • For further information, contact or call (801)-756-7215 between 8 am - 5 pm MST. 





Demonstrating Continuous Compliance and Commitment

AirMed & Rescue - May 2022

Air Ambulance

1 Mar 2022

Oliver Cuenca

Air Ambulance Review | March 2022

“Prior to the pandemic, we developed and introduced the NEAT application platform. The platform provides customers with a dynamic, transparent and complete accreditation audit report reflecting ‘real-time’ feedback and progress from beginning to the final report,” said Amy Arndt, NAAMTA Global Operations Director, and Nancy Purcell, NAAMTA’s Director of Clinical Operations, in a joint statement. “The NEAT incorporates a ‘Self-Assessment’ feature that enables customers to look at their policies and make an assessment of full, partial or non-compliance to each standard.”

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In the News

White House issues proclamation on EMS Week 2021

President Joe Biden's proclamation highlights the dedication and resiliency of EMS providers through the COVID-19 pandemic

May 17, 2021 By Laura French

WASHINGTON — The White House and President Joe Biden have issued an official proclamation recognizing May 16-May 22, 2021, as EMS Week and honoring the service and dedication of the nation's EMS providers. 

The proclamation issued Friday highlights the resiliency of EMS providers throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The White House and President Joe Biden have issued an official proclamation declaring May 16-May 22, 2021, as EMS Week.
The White House and President Joe Biden have issued an official proclamation declaring May 16-May 22, 2021, as EMS Week. (Photo/The White House)

"Through service, compassion, and dedication, EMS providers represent the very best of the American spirit," Biden stated in the proclamation. "In the face of unprecedented challenges, their expertise, endurance, and hard work have been a literal lifeline for families in every community. Whether responding to enormous suffering caused by COVID-19, the devastation of extreme climate events, or daily medical emergencies, EMS providers — many of whom are volunteers — prepare, sacrifice, and put others ahead of themselves."

The statement lauds EMS providers' role in supporting COVID-19 testing and vaccination and notes that $100 million from the American Rescue Plan act has been dedicated to supporting the mental health of healthcare workers and first responders, including those in EMS. 

The proclamation encourages communities to observe EMS Week through EMS-focused programs and activities. 

The theme of EMS Week 2021 is "This Is EMS: Caring for Our Communities." 

After more than a year of weathering a pandemic, it’s fitting that the 2021 EMS Week theme emphasizes EMS’ dedication to local communities




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