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NAAMTA Global Hoist Medical Transport Standard [Amy Arndt]
March 31, 2022 12:19PM

Hoist Medical Transport Accreditation March 2022, we rolled out our new Hoisting accreditation standards at HAI Heli-Expo and wanted to share with you one of our medical standards ...
Map of Accredited Members

Scottsdale, AZ

Medical Logistics Management/AirEvac International strives to provide the highest level of medical care in the air ambulance industry combining the best medical, technical and aeronautical resources available while focusing on quality of care as well as patient and aviation safety.

To offer the best time of response and local knowledge with our strategic air ambulance hubs throughout the Americas.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 9/30/2022

Mode of Transport

Scottsdale, AZ

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, is a world leader in air medical transport, not only flies to all 50 U.S. states, but also to the farthest reaches of the globe. Through a mobile base of operations and fast, long-range, modern business jets, Angel MedFlight offers international medical flights to and from almost any area of the world.

Their fleet of Learjet 60s and Learjet 35s has the long-range capabilities that allow them to fly to most places across the world. In its seven years, Angel MedFlight has transported patients in 33 countries worldwide.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 12/31/2024


Mode of Transport



San Diego, CA

Established in 1992, Aeromedevac has more than 25 years’ experience as an air ambulance provider. Aeromedevac has maintained operations continuously, with no history of aviation or medical incidents. Our aircraft are dedicated to air ambulance service and our medical staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Based in San Diego, California, Aeromedevac responds throughout the World and the USA to medically transport patients to and from destinations throughout the West and Mountain States of the USA. San Diego is the gateway city of the Southwest USA to Mexico, especially the resort cities of western Mexico and Baja Mexico. Aeromedevac has annual authority from the Mexican government for international air ambulance service from Mexico, to the USA and Canada.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 12/31/24


Mode of Transport:




Englewood, CO

Peak Medevac International is a team of highly trained medical air transport experts dedicated to helping those who have had a medical emergency get back home safely where they can recover. With one phone call to our 24/7 communications center, our flight coordinators will coordinate all details of the transfer so that you can focus on what's most important – you or your loved one getting better. 

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 12/31/23

Mode of Transport




Cape Canaveral, FL

Accredited in June of 2020 as Comprehensive Health Services as a Medical Escort Service provider and partner with CHI Aviation.  

Acuity is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of medical management solutions and humanitarian program support. Working as a trusted partner to our international, government, and commercial clients, we design, manage, and implement integrated workplace health and occupational health care programs that address our clients’ most complex requirements. Cost-effective and flexible, our customized solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 6/30/23

Mode of Transport: 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The philosophy at Acute Air Ambulance is to provide a cost-effective, smooth, comfortable and stress-free transport for patients and their family all around the world.

Fully licensed and insured, with medical staff consisting of Paramedics, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Respiratory Therapist, and Doctors.

The medical team on board each flight can handle all of your BLS, ACLS and Critical care needs. 

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 6/30/24

Mode of Transport


Brooksville, GA


Global Jetcare has 20+ years of aviation and air medical experience in transporting patients from anywhere in the world safely to their destination.

Global Jetcare is licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and can transport anything from BLS (Basic Life Support) patients which simply need assistance on and off the aircraft to critical care patients requiring cardiac monitoring and mechanical ventilation. 

Our medical director has developed strict protocols that exceed national standards, will personally review your patient’s case, and then will provide specific protocols for your patient.

In addition to applicable licensure, all of our air ambulance medical team members, are trained in flight physiology.

Global Jetcare has gained the trust of hospitals, case workers and assistance companies to transport their patients worldwide.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 2/28/23

Mode of Transport

Brooksville, Fl

With over 15,000 patients flown, JET I.C.U. has become a global leader in providing worldwide air ambulance services.

JET I.C.U.’s air medical transport services include air ambulance repatriation, medical evacuation services, and commercial medical escorts throughout the world.

Every day we go above and beyond the industry standards to ensure that our patients are comfortable and receive exceptional care.

We take the time to discuss our bedside to bedside service with our patient and their family members, offering valuable information and peace of mind.

JET I.C.U. is owner operated with a complete in-house medical staff, pilots, ground crew, Learjet fleet, and 24/7 operations center. This translates into unparalleled care that each patient deserves throughout every transport.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 4/30/24

Mode of Transport

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our air-ambulance team is comprised of experienced specialists who have completed over 30,000 flights in 70 countries. Our more than 350 employees are trained and educated to standards higher than the industry requires.

We have been recognized numerous times by government and industry agencies for excellence in safety and service. With a fleet of 16 aircraft and strategically located bases, our reach is global. When it comes to our clients, our collaboration is personal.

Our clients are our first priority. We offer comfort. We offer compassion. We offer complete care.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 9/30/22

Mode of Transport 




Since 1985, Critical Care Medflight is a full-service air medical transport operator that has led the industry in providing safe, compassionate medical transport services for our patients. Our highly experienced, exceptionally qualified team of medical and aviation professionals sets the standard for patient care and comfort.

The whole of the company works diligently to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective air ambulance service. Critical Care Medflight owns, operates, and maintains its fleet of Lear jets that are equipped specifically as medical air ambulances with industry-leading patient care equipment.

Critical Care Medflight is proud to be part of the MedHealth Partners’ family of air ambulance providers.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 12/31/24

Mode of Transport

Since 2000, Medway Air Ambulance has provided thousands of medical flights for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients. With 24/7 air medical transport coordination, Medway delivers responsive service in the U.S. and abroad. Medway is one of the largest in-network and contracted air ambulance providers in the country, working with international travel assistance programs, workers’ compensation plans, and health insurance companies. Medway also partners with world renown children’s hospitals to provide neonatal and pediatric flights, using its highly-trained medical team and specialized equipment to ensure safe transfers.

Medway, a Part 135 air carrier, owns and operates its own fleet of medically configured Learjet aircraft. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Medway’s aviation operation holds an ARGUS Gold rating for excellence. 

Medway Air Ambulance is proud to be a part of the MedHealth Partners’ family of air medical transport providers.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 12/31/24

Mode of Transport 

Cartersville, GA

Phoenix Air has been providing worldwide professional air ambulance patient evacuation and transfer services for over 20 years.

The company uses dedicated aircraft, which have been highly modified into “Emergency Rooms in the Sky.” Authorized by the FAA, Phoenix Air is among a select few private air ambulance companies contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to transport DOD patients and dependents within the United States and to foreign areas of operation worldwide.

Phoenix Air’s dedicated fleet of specialized air ambulance aircraft includes two long-range Learjet Model 36 aircraft, two back-up Learjet 36 aircraft, one Learjet Model 35 aircraft and two Gulfstream G-III aircraft.

Each aircraft is dispatched as a Critical Care unit with appropriate medical staff onboard to compliment the patient’s medical condition, all under the careful control of Phoenix Air’s Medical Director.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 3/31/24

Mode of Transport




Construction Helicopters, Inc. 

Howell, Michigan

Founded in 1980, CHI provides aerial crane, firefighting, Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) / Personnel Recovery (PR) / Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) / Search and Rescue (SAR), and FAR Part 135 and Department of Defense (DoD) Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB)-approved cargo/passenger/COMBI transport.

A Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) IAW NAICS 481211 SB size standards, is a global leader in a wide array of Rotary-Wing (RW) and Fixed-Wing (FW) applications.

Based in Michigan, CHI is a US-registered and US US Flag Carrier company. CHI currently operates a fleet of

  • Sikorsky S-61Ns,
  • CASA 212s,
  • Beechcraft King Airs.

CHI is a subsidiary of Heligroup Holdings, Inc., and leverage the capabilities and experience of its sister companies, Helimax Aviation (heavy-lift aerial fire suppression) and Resolute ISR (UAS ISR support).

CHI currently supports a wide-range of military and commercial customers in remote austere environments worldwide.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 6/30/2023


Mode of Transport




Robbinsdale, Minnesota


Founded in 1985, North Memorial Air Care responds to over 4,500 requests for medical transport annually, flying eight Augusta 109 helicopters, the fastest civilian helicopter on the market.

With bases in Bemidji, Brainerd, Princeton, Redwood Falls and Lakeville, Minnesota and Siren, Wisconsin, North Memorial Air Care is available 24/7 for medical flight transportation service calls throughout Minnesota, areas of Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas.

North Memorial’s flight nurses and paramedics are experienced in high-volume intensive care units, emergency departments and ambulance services, and provide the highest level of medical care to adult and pediatric patients alike.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 8/31/2022


Mode of Transport




Helena, Montana


"Montana's Choice for Care in the Air"

Montana Medical Transport is a growing critical care air transport company in central Montana that transports critical care patients throughout Alaska, Canada, lower 48, and Mexico.   

We have three stretchered aircraft: one King Air 90, a Cessna, and a Lear 31. 

We staff critical care paramedics, and registered nurses 24-7.

The company began more than 20-years ago  transporting BLS patients and has grown our services to ALS and Critical Care capabilities with pumps, drips, and ventilators for the  last 6 years. 

We are in-network with all Montana-based insurance companies and are working on becoming a training site for AHA.

Our mission: to positively impact the health and quality of life for our patients and the communities we serve.  

Vision: Montana Medical Transport will be an industry leader in the critical care air medical service.  Our teams will stand apart by providing exceptional patient care, exceeding customer expectations in a fiscally responsible manner, and providing value to a healthcare community.

Values: Safety, Community, Knowledge, Integrity, Accountability, Dedication, and Professionalism

Motto: Patient care with distinction.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 8/31/2023

Scope of Practice: BLS, ALS, Critical Care


Mode of Transport:



New Mexico

Albuquerque NM

Established in 1979, CSI Aviation, Inc. (CSI) has grown into a global aviation company providing diverse and complex solutions to commercial, group and private individuals, and government customers. CSI fills a unique niche in the aviation industry – solving complex aviation requirements for air charter services, aviation logistics, and program management. CSI Aviation also holds FAR Part 135 Air Carrier operating authority and provides air charter, aircraft purchase, leasing and maintenance support. For more information go to


Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 9/30/23


Mode of Transport




Portland, OR

Founded in 1971, Erickson is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and maintains operations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Australia.

Erickson Inc. a global aviation provider of services specializing in government contracts for air medical services, defense and national security, manufacturing, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), and Civil services.

Commercial aerial services include the operation of 20 Erickson owned and operated S-64 Air Crane® helicopters to perform firefighting, powerline construction, timber harvesting, HVAC, and specialized heavy-lift for oil and gas.

Erickson Manufacturing and MRO services include:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the S-64 Air Crane® helicopter
  • Manufacturing key aerospace parts for aerospace OEMs.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 3/31/23


Mode of Transport 

Aurora, OR

Life Flight Network, a not-for-profit air medical service, is accredited by NAAMTA.

Life Flight Network is the largest not-for-profit air medical transport service in the United States. It offers ICU-level care during air transport across Pacific Northwest, Intermountain West, and Alaska.

Life Flight Network is headquartered in Aurora, Oregon. For more information about Life Flight Network or to become a member, visit

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 7/31/22


Mode of Transport


Hillsboro, OR

Premier Jets specializes in worldwide service, and has experience visiting nearly every part of the world providing charter, cargo and medical transport flights.

Premier Jets-Lifeguard Air Ambulance specializes in providing professional, safe, and cost effective medical transport to all six continents, and the Pacific Islands, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With specially configured aircraft, Premier Jets-Lifeguard Air Ambulance is capable of traveling 2200 miles non-stop. This range allows for transports in the continental US, Mexico, and Canada, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Asia, and Europe. 

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 10/30/23

Mode of Transport


South Dakota

Rapid City, SD

Medical Air Rescue (MARC) is based in Rapid City, South Dakota, with services in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Texas and satellite bases located in Valentine, Nebraska, and McKinney, Texas.

Medical Air Rescue combines air transportation (through Dale Aviation, the part 135 certificate holder) and medical staff under a single management organization to allow for careful control of the entire air ambulance transportation process. Because everyone is working together under the same roof, we closely monitor the quality of received on the ground as well as in the air. Patients benefit from higher standards of service delivery – all around.

When you fly with MARC, you become part of a 35-year safety history.  We operate as one team with one goal: to provide safe, comfortable, and worry-free medical transportation, in the air and on the ground.

Our medical crew is sensitive to all patient care needs from Basic Life Support to Critical Care. We work to alleviate suffering from trauma, burns, cardiac failure, or any variety of other conditions. Our transports provide the required equipment and medical flight care to handle BLS functions as well as cardiac defibrillation, the ability to control and monitor dysrhythmias, administer medications, and establish and maintain respiratory airways. We have flight teams ready and waiting, any time you call.


Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 10/31/2024


Mode of Transport  



San Antonio, TX


Vighter Medical Group offers a full range of medical services to support a variety of commercial and government clients around the world.

With a laser focus on customer service and high standards for quality, Vighter has earned an excellent reputation.

Whether clients require clinical services in the United States or special operations tactical support in austere environments abroad, Vighter is there to help.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 3/31/23

Mode of Transport: 




Blanding, UT


Eagle Air Med has more than 32 years of air medical experience and we have transported more than 35,000 patients. We currently have seven base locations in four states utilizing fixed-wing aircraft.

Our operations are reliable and safe. Our employees are professional and highly trained.

We take a practical approach to air medical transportation aimed at fulfilling both our patients’ medical needs while also caring for their financial needs.

Safety is at the heart of each decision we make and exceptional service is our goal.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 10/31/23

Mode of Transport



US Virgin Islands

St. Croix, USVI

AeroMD provides medical transport / aeromedical services tailored to individuals, families, and groups who live or travel to locations, where healthcare resources are limited.

The core of AeroMD is our Caribbean-based, 24/7, dedicated medevac service. Our fleet of aircraft was handpicked for operating in the Caribbean and is completely outfitted to serve as flying intensive care units.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 1/31/25


Mode of Transport




Wasau, WI



Aspirus MedEvac medical transportation service provides 24-hour emergency air and ground medical transport for critically ill and injured individuals of North Central Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. They are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and safety to their patients.

When seconds count, a specially-equipped MedEvac helicopter can pick up patients from regional hospitals or directly from the scene of an emergency. Aspirus MedEvac also operates critical care ground transfer ambulances from bases in their service areas. Aspirus MedEvac also participates in ALS intercept services.

Their Goal: To improve local access to Advanced Life Support (ALS) and provide rapid air/ground transport for patients suffering from acute, severe illness or injury.

Their Motto: Passion for Excellence. Compassion for People.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 8/31/21

Mode of Transport

Green Bay, WI

EAGLE III is a comprehensive air and ground medical transportation program providing the best level of care to suit the patient's needs, from Basic Life Support up to full Critical Care Teams. This transportation is provided by ground, fixed- and rotor-wing, from medical facilities or accident scenes. EAGLE III is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The EAGLE III program participates in a number of different types of medical transports including interfacility transports, helicopter scene responses in remote areas where ground time would be extensive, and specialty team transports, which includes a neonatal or pediatric nurse and nurse practitioner when necessary. The EAGLE III program is owned by County Rescue Services, in partnership with both Bellin and St. Vincent Hospital. County Rescue Services is a 501-C (3) nonprofit organization that has been in operation since 1982 and is not affiliated with Brown County government. No tax dollars are used for the EAGLE III program. EAGLE III also provides a community care program to help offset transport costs to those that can prove their need.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 9/30/22

Mode of Transport




Guardian Flight is an air medical program serving Wyoming and Utah from five bases utilizing both rotor and fixed-wing aircraft.  We are currently Wyoming’s largest air medical provider and the only helicopter serving the castle country of Utah.  We began operations in 2011 in Rock Springs and expanded into Gillette in 2012.  Later that same year we opened a fixed-wing base in Lander and in 2014 we opened a rotor-wing base in Riverton to better serve Fremont County.  Guardian took over management of the Price, UT rotor-wing base from a sister program in 2015.

We look forward to serving Wyoming, Utah and the surrounding states as we accomplish our mission of providing safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 10/31/22

Mode of Transport



South Africa

Johannesburg, SA

We offer reliable Commercial Medical services to clients needing to transport patients to and from South Africa.

Commercial Flight Assistance is a cost effective alternative to Air Ambulance Transportation:

  • Medical escort services
  • Medical stretcher services
  • Non-medical escort / Travel companions
  • Medical or Non-medical private charters

We have a dedicated Team of highly qualified Medical Specialist / Doctors and Paramedics on hand with valid travel documents together with USA and European visa’s in place for any Medical Escort service on a Commercial Flight.

Status: Accredited

Accredited Thru: 11/30/22


Mode of Transport: