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NAAMTA Global Hoist Medical Transport Standard [Amy Arndt]
March 31, 2022 12:19PM

Hoist Medical Transport Accreditation March 2022, we rolled out our new Hoisting accreditation standards at HAI Heli-Expo and wanted to share with you one of our medical standards ...
Clinical Operations Forum
Tuesday July 26, 2011 at 8:25AM

“I shall never grow old or lose life’s zest, because the last road’s turn is the best.’’—Henry van dyke

It’s always amazing to me how life twists and turns—just when you finish one adventure, the road of life turns and reveals a new and challenging vista of opportunities.  When I “retired” my medical flying wings a few years ago, I never imagined that my life’s road would pass that way again.  While certainly this new NAAMTA adventure does not allow me to be in the front line trenches of patient care, it does allow me the opportunity of returning to the ranks of one of the greatest fraternities—that of the EMS and medical transport industry. 

I whole-heartedly subscribe to the philosophy that there is a loftier ambition than to merely stand high in the world—it is to reach out and lift mankind a little higher.  In an editorial (April, 2010), Jules Scadden quoted Gabrielle Roth as saying, “We all share the wound of fragmentation.  And we can all share in the cure of unification.”  She went on to observe, “There is one glaring fact in EMS—we are fragmented.”  It is to this cause that I would like to focus. 

The “Alliance” element of NAAMTA reflects our goal to develop a culture wherein the greatness of each partner company of NAAMTA works together in advancing the art of healthcare for our patients, our communities, and our industry.  Each of us is employed in a profession that is “outcome” driven.  Engaging great parts as a team effort always has an even greater outcome.  Problems and challenges are a part of any organization.  Heck, they’re a part of life.  We’ve all had great success in overcoming challenges.  As a collective network of incredible flight programs, it is my belief that any challenge will be met and any problem will be solved better, faster, and with an even farther reaching effect than can be achieved individually.  That is the unification of NAAMTA—that is our alliance.

I am honored to be “welcomed aboard” into NAAMTA and look forward to working with each of you as a partner.  Let’s make the most of life and “enjoy the ride.”



Posted by Nancy Purcell

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