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NAAMTA Global Hoist Medical Transport Standard [Amy Arndt]
March 31, 2022 12:19PM

Hoist Medical Transport Accreditation March 2022, we rolled out our new Hoisting accreditation standards at HAI Heli-Expo and wanted to share with you one of our medical standards ...
Clinical Operations Forum
Friday February 25, 2011 at 3:15PM
Nancy Purcell, MSN, APRN, NNP joins the NAAMTA program as our Medical Department Manager. Nancy brings with her an extensive nursing background in newborn, pediatric, and adult transport, level III neonatal critical care, independent consulting, and educational mentoring. 

After graduating with her ASN from Brigham Young University, Nancy began her career as an RN in the field of neonatology. “I have always enjoyed the challenge that comes from caring for the newborn and their will to live. The science of neonatal health care requires an art unmatched by any other.” Expanding on her early nursing experiences, Nancy returned to graduate school and received her MSN from Emory University as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

Nancy’s career extends coast to coast having worked in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Colorado, and Utah. Her medical transport experience provides an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the challenges inherent to providing patient care at sea level to Rocky Mountain altitudes, local interfacility ground transfers to cross-country fixed-wing transports, newborn and pediatric rotor scene flights, and from the frigid temperatures of the high country to the sweltering desert heat. “Every day at work brings new challenges.” 

Purcell worked to develop transport algorithm guidelines for complex conventional and high frequency ventilatory management during transport, standardization of medication administration, collaborate on protocol development for administration of inhaled Nitric Oxide during transport, and early work on development of electronic patient records to facilitate communication among healthcare professionals. She was recipient of the Excellence in Nursing award in 1999 from Primary Children’s Medical Center, and was recognized for her contributions and “Outstanding Performance on a Pediatric Incident” in 2006 from the Utah Department of Health and Utah Bureau of EMS.

In addition to her expansive clinical experience, Nancy has worked with other colleagues as a mentor and educator. Purcell has taught as a faculty member of the College of Nursing at Salt Lake Community College. Additionally, she has lectured on congenital cardiac disease, radiographic interpretation, and respiratory pathophysiology of the newborn to licensed health professionals. She also works with public school personnel on meeting the health needs of medically challenging students. “I believe knowledge is meant to be shared. It is thrilling to see others become excited as they come to understand and learn new ideas and principles of health care."

Outside of professional interests, Nancy is the mother of three wonderful teenage sons. She enjoys traveling with her family, has an eclectic love of music, and revels in the beauties of the outdoors and seeing new places. 

“I have always been honored to rub shoulders with the best of the best throughout my career. My professional associations have allowed me the privilege of being a part of premier programs throughout the country. Along the way, I have been taught by the best. I have always been amazed at what is possible when the best work together. And now this new opportunity with the NAAMTA organization continues this theme—the best of the best."

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