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COVID-19 Infection Control Considerations in the Transport Setting [Nancy Purcell]
March 13, 2020 8:17AM

Transporting patients with suspected or confirmed exposure to communicable diseases is not a new situation in the medical transport industry. Whether the common cold, flu or more ...
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Thursday September 6, 2012 at 1:36PM
One of the things that makes the medical transport industry so tremendous is the willingness of such great experts that, while at times may be competitors, recognize the greater good that comes from professional sharing of ideas that better their practices and patient care.  Listserves have long been successfully utilized as a platform for the exchange of ideas.  As I follow the various listserves, I find myself wishing that everyone could have access to all the threads of information being exchanged which are so applicable and pertinent. For those who are not able to participate in those threads, it is my intent to provide this information through this EMS Medical Blog here at NAAMTA.  Perhaps these exchanges will prove helpful to you in your daily practice and I encourage all to comment and provide your insights and expertise for others of your profession. So log on regularly for the latest in air transport patient care discussions. 
Posted by Nancy Purcell
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