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COVID-19 Infection Control Considerations in the Transport Setting [Nancy Purcell]
March 13, 2020 8:17AM

Transporting patients with suspected or confirmed exposure to communicable diseases is not a new situation in the medical transport industry. Whether the common cold, flu or more ...
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Thursday April 2, 2015 at 9:50AM

Some of the most frequent questions I get asked have to do with understanding U.S. Title 21 Controlled Substances Act. In other words, "I don't understand how to handle our controlled substances inventories? Can we do....? Do we have to....." Regulations can be difficult to navigate and understand as programs strive to comply with governmental and accreditation requirements.

In an effort to help our NAAMTA transport programs understand Title 21 Controlled Substances regulations, I put together a FAQ on understanding controlled substances regulatory compliance, "NAAMTA Training Material: Controlled Substances". Please feel free to download this information to guide your programs as you strive to safely and accurately manage your drug inventories. As usual, though, if there ever any questions that still aren't being answered, please feel free to call me for further assistance and clarification.

NAAMTA Training Material--Controlled Substances.pdf
Posted by Nancy Purcell
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